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Sign of the Times

This week I took back the keys from a tenant that had rented a pump depot off our family for 36 years. It was sad to see at first hand the effect the economic downturn is having on the individuals within companies that are having to face the upheaval of a bolt from the blue. To see the depot quiet and empty after so many years of industry and work was quite shocking. The date the shelves had been put up in the stores was April 1978, and now the room was bare. We talked about the friendships that had been forged over the years working there, and how those relationships would be missed. I’m sure it’s a situation being played out all over the country but it hits home when speaking to the individuals affected. As a boy I can remember those workshops being used by my dad’s business. And now there is the question of what to do with them. And when, and if a new tenant will come along.

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Chancellor Fails To Deliver Relief To Empty Property Business Ratepayers

Once again the Chancellor has shown a disregard for the representations of the property sector in refusing to reinstate Empty Property Rating Relief. Is it the governments thirst for revenue that makes them ignore the damage being done to the economy by this hated tax? Or is it just a point blank refusal to back down?

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'Don't be taken for an (Empty Rates) April Fool'

Find yourself an 'off the peg tenant'

Last April the chancellor played the owners of commercial property for the fool. He removed empty property rating relief. This ill thought out act has contributed to a considerable degree to the dire state of the commercial property industry. Affecting not only owners but all those closely connected with the industry. Property companies have faced a cash flow double whammy. No rent coming in, mortgage payments going out, and now empty rates to pay at the full rate. It's even worse for lessees of vacant property as they also have the rent to find.

March has brought with it the new empty rates bills up to the following March 2010. To add insult to injury these bills have risen by some 5%.

Please do not sit on your hands and take this tax on the chin without a plan to mitigate your liability.

If you want an arm's length, 'off the peg tenant' then we can help immediately. can provide a tenant for your property for the minimum period to trigger a new rates void period. Its a simple, low disturbance occupancy service provided on a NO SAVING, NO FEE basis. To find out more visit the website at ../enquiries.htm and enter your details to obtain a no obligation quote. 'Cut down your liability and not your building'.

Anyone can fall for an April fool's day trick once, but don't fall for the same trick again this April.

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